Junta de Extremadura (Fundecyt-Pctex)

Three organisations interconnected: Junta de Extremadura through the Secretary-General of R&I and University which aims to promote and coordinate the scientific, technological and business sectors of the region; Fundecyt-Pctex is the Regional Public Innovation Agency which has the public mandate to represent the regional government in ERRIN, facilitating the participation of regional stakeholders and promoting their interests within the network; Delegation of Extremadura in Brussels which has a transversal position facilitating the connection across the department of the government. The two R&I major priorities are the sustainable management of natural resources and the application of technologies for quality of life. Based on these two priorities we rely on five areas of excellence: Agriculture, Tourism, TIC, Clean Energy and Health, which translates into the following fields of research: eco-design and new materials, software engineering and computing, chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology; agronomy, biology and ecology, electronics and automation. Therefore, Junta de Extremadura represents regional stakeholders working on these areas among which we find the University of Extremadura, the Regional Research and Technology Centre of Extremadura (CICYTEX), technology-oriented companies and agro cooperatives.

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Junta de Extremadura (Fundecyt-Pctex)

S3 Strategy

A model of participatory governance has ensured the involvement of citizens and stakeholders using a ‘bottom-up’ approach in which the identification of the initial situation. The strategy is defined based on five pillars identifying the main sectors to promote in Extremadura at medium and long-term: agro-industry, energy, tourism, health and ICT, to contribute to the competitiveness improving and to the creation of new opportunities for entrepreneurship and businesses.

The main detected challenges are:

• To consolidate a society based on knowledge and talent;

• To develop an internationalised and competitive industry, capable of generating wealth in a sustainable manner;

• To build a society for the change, continuous improvement, creativity, knowledge, entrepreneurship and internationalisation;

• To develop a set of infrastructures adapted to the needs of the region, allowing the inner development, and strategically connected with other regions and internationally.

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  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

ERRIN’s new project: RIPEET  

ERRIN has become a partner in a Horizon 2020 funded project RIPEET. Mobilising ERRIN’s Energy & Climate Change Working Group leaders, the RIPEET project will support Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) policy experimentations for energy transition in three European territories: Extremadura (ES), Highlands and Islands of Scotland (UK) and Ostrobothnia (FI).