Region of Murcia / Instituto de Fomento

The main objective of INFO is to promote regional economic growth and competitiveness in the Region of Murcia, focusing on the following action lines:

• Research & Innovation, ensuring that each company can access the technology that best suits its needs.

• Internationalisation: Boosting international corporate expansion

• Promoting investment, development, and growth projects in companies from inside and outside the region with information and consultancy services.

• Entrepreneurship: Support for entrepreneurs, creation, consolidation and transfer of companies.

• Access to finance for investments in assets, quality, technology, internationalisation, and industrial equipment.

INFO provides personalised advice throughout the life cycle of regional SMEs: R+D+i, technology transfer, ICT transformation, internationalisation and access to finance. Also, as the leading regional institution for entrepreneurship, INFO offers institutional, technical and specialised support for entrepreneurs and business starts up, carrying out specific actions to support business creation and entrepreneurs, and supporting the regional innovation ecosystem by developing synergies between companies, universities, technological and research centres and the regional government. INFO has extensive expertise and technical capacity in EU funding management as leading intermediary organisation in charge of implementing ERDF since 1990. INFO is also the regional coordinator of the Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3Mur).

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Region of Murcia / Instituto de Fomento

S3 Strategy

RIS3Mur Priorities are structured around activities in which leadership is clear, such as those linked to the agro-food value chain, including key agriculture activities (livestock, fishing,agro-food), as well as water cycle (treatment, purification, management), environment and logistics and transport. All these activities, systemically prioritized, coordinated, targeted and processed through intensive use of cutting-edge technologies, will result in competitive advantages for the Region. Also, the Region of Murcia is committed to the future development of a set of potential activities: tourism, health and habitat, grouped under the concept “quality of life” as they contribute to the wellbeing of citizens. A characteristic of these activities is that, through the intensified technological application, they will favour the type of specialisation generating wealth and employment. Similarly, Murcia has a number of driving activities supported by large companies operating in the Region. Compared to other regions, Murcia needs to take full advantage of a key differentiating element: the uniqueness and large business volume of these companies. The fields of energy and sea or marine affairs, as well as others which could potentially be developed in the Region, should be engaged in the RIS3Mur strategy and commit to the entrepreneurial discovery processes described in this Strategy.

Strategic R&I Projects


The main objective of INNOVOUCHER is to develop a new model of innovation voucher programme supporting the transnational exchange of innovation services in Europe. 


Digital Health solutions with a high chance of success because they have been proposed and developed side by side with healthcare organizations. inDemand is a new model where Healthcare organizations and companies co-create Digital Health solutions.


LIFE ADAPTATE aims to increase the commitment of European municipalities with the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy by the development of local adaptation plans which will be integrated in the previous mitigation objectives of several municipalities.


SCALE UP plans to improve policy instruments supporting SMEs capacity to growth in national and international markets. Main objective of SCALE UP is to contribute to European competitiveness and accelerate regional economic growth.


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  • By Laura Ruiz Oltra

Call for architects in Blanca, Spain – and 3 more contests to come - LIFEBauhausingEurope project

In the framework of the LIFEBauhausingEurope project, 5 European city councils are launching contests for renovation projects for the five selected public buildings this LIFE project aims to make "more sustainable, more beautiful, together", following the principles of the NEB.

  • By Daniele Ruggiano

Call for Speakers | Workshop on regional policies to promote the adoption of innovation by public administrations.

The EU project PREPARE is looking for speakers with expertise on instruments like Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and/or Open Innovation to foster collaboration between public procurers and innovative companies following demand-driven approaches. Those with experience or interest in incorporating procurement of innovation policies in Smart Specialisation Strategies are also invited to contribute. The event will take place on 27 June, 09:00-12:30, in Brussels.

  • By Gianpiero Petruzziello

EU Soil Day - Addressing the regional dimension of soil health

The EU Soil Day, held last 6 November at the Committee of the Regions, represented a unique opportunity to address regional and local challenges in soil health. The event, organised by the Region of Murcia in partnership with ERRIN and the HuMUS project with the support of the Spanish EU Presidency, brought together regions, researchers, soil projects and soil enthusiasts to explore the territorial dimensions of soil health.

  • By Ewa Chomicz

Management Board elections 2023 – results

Following the call for nominations for ERRIN Management Board held between 20 September and 5 October, we are happy to announce the nominated Management Board members. The five nominees will be approved as new Management Board members at the ERRIN Extraordinary General Meeting on 16 November.

  • By Gianpiero Petruzziello

13 cities from ERRIN member regions selected as NetZeroCities Twin Cities

The NetZeroCities project, in which ERRIN is a partner, has through its Twinning Programme matched 40 Twin Cities from across Europe with the 53 Pilot Cities that were selected earlier this year. ERRIN is pleased to see that 13 of the selected Twin Cities come from ERRIN member regions.

  • By Nathalie Alvarez

Project Manager – EUniWell Research and Innovation Strategic Framework

The University of Murcia is recruiting a Project manager for the EUniWell Research and Innovation Strategic Framework.The University of Murcia is a member of the EUniWell alliance that unites 11 universities and 60 associate partners drawn from 11 distinct regions of Europe in a cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary, knowledge-based perspective. In line with the European Research Area (ERA), the main objective will be to set the framework for developing a shared R&I strategy for EUniWell. Deadline 14 June.