Call for an updated and stronger EU Forest Strategy

Date: 11/01/2019

Acknowledging the report from the European Commission on progress in the implementation of the Forest Strategy the undersigned organizations, representing forest owners, managers, contractors and the forest-based industry, call on the European Commission, Parliament and Council to update the EU Forest Strategy with an aim to strengthen its role as a key reference for sustainable forest management.


CEETTAR – European Organisation of Agricultural, Rural and Forestry Contractors

CEI-BOIS – European Confederation of the Woodworking Industries

CEPF – Confederation of European Forests Owners

CEPI – Confederation of European Paper Industries

COPA COGECA - European Farmers and European Agri-cooperatives

ELO – European Landowners’ Organization

EUSTAFOR – European State Forest Association

UEF – Union of European Foresters

USSE – L’Union des Sylviculteurs du Sud de l’Europe