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Pilolt project-Makers' mobility
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ENSATT Background and experience

Based in Lyon (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region), the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre - ENSATT is a « school-Theatre » that each year welcomes around 160 students in full training courses and lifelong Learning/Continuing Professional Development internships along with 70 to 80 professionals on short training courses, post graduate students, auditors and foreign students enrolled to obtain the certificate in Theatrical Studies awarded by the school or taking part in an Erasmus exchange programme.

Acting, Performing Arts Administration, Costume Making, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Costume Making with Costume Cutting or Production Management Option, Technical Direction, Playwright, Stage Direction and Set Direction and Set Design are the various professions taught at the ENSATT; an academic course in Arts and Humanities is taught transversally to all of the departments.

Thanks to its facilities, the school is unique in France in its capacity to teach every discipline linked to theatre production.

This joint presence of all of the theatre professions under one roof allows us to produce drama workshops, essays, work hypotheses, mock-production studies and production-workshops entrusted to the expert care of professional stage directors who come to direct a creative team focused on an artistic project conceived and created at the ENSATT and presented to audiences at the school and on tour.

At the ENSATT, the practice of teaching theatre is built on a constant exchange between the instructors and the students, between artists, technicians and the administrative team, between performing arts personalities and experts and informed.

Network involvement

École des Écoles (EdE) is a European network of 13 higher education institutions in performing arts (, focusing on teachers and students in performing arts. The network was established in 2006, and based on experiences and activites of 'Prima del Teatro' (organised by Fondazione Teatro di Pisa, Italy - also one of the partners in this application), which is partly a Summer school for acting and directing students across Europe, located in the small village of San Miniato, partly a network of European teachers on theatre.

École des écoles is made up of member schools from Spain, Germany, Denmark, UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Belgium, Switzerland and Norway. Currently, Res Bosshart, principal at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste/ZHDK (Zurich University of the Arts), is President of EdE.

In recent years, the network has sought to strengthen the possibilities of exchange between teachers at European theatre schools, working on developing cooperation between the partner schools through seminars, workshops and meetings.

The General Assembly of EdE meets once a year for an annual planning meeting; in addition 2-3 thematic seminars and workshops for teachers and leaders are organised by the member institution on a yearly basis, some of them involving students.

Écoles de Écoles and some of its member schools have twice developed and participated in an EU Grundtvig Learning Partnership project. The most recent one 'Developing Key Competencies Through Theatre Practice' (2013-2015) was considered by the partners to be such a rewarding experience that there was broad acceptance and interest amongst the EdE member institutions, to apply for another joint EU project such as the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, with a successful application of the project called “Entrepreneurial Challenges in Theatre Higher Education Curricula”.

EAC/S09/2019 call interest (deadline: 12/08/2019)

The ENSATT is a school where academic research and artistic research question each other in a constant dialogue, thus broadening the experimental field. It is also a performance venue for productions created by former ENSATT students or proposed by its partners.

The ENSATT strongly believes that cross sector and transdisciplinary and transgenerational exchanges and cooperation are efficient ways to improve its practices and develop its staff and student competencies. It is also a major tool to stimulate greater creativity, innovation and cultural entrepreneurship among students and staff.

Our involvement in European schools and performing arts centers network proves us that the exchange of practices helps shifting the lines and opens new horizons to fulfill our duties as higher education institution.

The ENSATT is willing to participate to a consortium answering to the call EAC/S09/2019 by putting its competencies and expertise for the implementation of a small-scale makers' mobility scheme testing and the contribution to an analysis of the consortium contribution to skills development and social inclusion via the pilot project.


Quentin Touitou

Development & Partnership Manager

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Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre

4 rue Sœur Bouvier - 69322 LYON cedex 05


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