Using industrial rest heat for heating of homes

Call title:
Business case for industrial waste heat/cold recovery
Types of partners sought
For this project we consider the following partners relevant: - 2-3 demonstration areas. The partners should include the industrial partner producing the rest heat and the potential consumer, such as a housing corporation. In the case of Eindhoven the demonstration area will include a business park (High Tech Campus), a swimming pool and a (part of) a nearby district, including an elderly home. - energy grid operators / water grid operators - scientific partners - technology providers including ICT - Scientific partners

The Netherlands recently agreed a strategic ambitions to phase out the use of natural gas for heating and cooking in The Netherlands. This ambition was necessary due to the recent earthquackes in the north of the country which are directly linked to the extraction of natural gas from the soil. Achieving this target will require considerable investments in both infrastructural change and innovative technologies. It means a complete switch in Dutch cities from fossil energy to sustainable, decentralised energy production and consumption.

Naturally, this direction will contribute greatly to the ambitions in the Paris agreement, concerning limitiation of CO2 emissions.

In Eindhoven we have calculated that the switch will require an investment (depending on the exact scenario) of between 2 and 2,4 billion euro. While sustainable electricity production is an important pillar in this process, the use of rest heat is a (relatively) cheaper and easier to implement technology.

Hence the interest from Eindhoven partners in the call described in this partner search.

At the edge of the city we have the High tech Campus, an industrial park which, today, produces more heat than it can use itself. Thus far, this heat is being pumped into the soil with a view to use the soil as a storage, for later use. However, even with the foreseen growth of the park, there is far too much and we wish to use the current call to fid partners to explore the possibility to use this rest heat to the advantage of a nearby swimming pool/sports facility and an elderly home next to it.

Working group:
Energy & Climate Change
Deadline of the call:
Financial aspects:
The EC contribution per project amounts to up to €4,000,000. We expect a budget of between €5-6 mln We expect a project (with three test areas) of around that figure