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Launched in 2000 by Commissioner Busquin, the European Research Area (ERA) sets out to better organise research in Europe and to address the fragmentation of national research systems and the lack of policy coordination between Member States and the EU. 

Building on almost 20 years of work of the ERA, the European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC) set up an ad-hoc working group in the spring of 2019 to provide an opinion with options for a new narrative/paradigm as well as possible future objectives and priorities. The opinion was adopted in December 2019 and can be read in full here. The Commission is set to publish a communication on the future of the ERA in 2020.

ERRIN is an official observer on the ERA stakeholder platform, which serves to follow up on implementation and offer a space for discussions.


ERRIN's recommendations on the future of the European Research Area

June 2020


ERRIN welcomes the renewal of the vision and priorities of the ERA, where, multi-level governance and a systemic approach are key components in creating research, innovation, and knowledge that will provide solutions for the environmental, social, and economic transformations needed to tackle our societal challenges. To do so, the innovation dimension needs to be further embedded in the ERA.

In June 2020, ERRIN adopted a position paper – available above – on the future of the ERA centred around the following issues:

Embrace the ecosystem approach to increase the relevance and impact 

Actively work towards creating a more coherent R&I system

Support broad engagement of stakeholders and ecosystem building

Integrate education and skills to build the knowledge base for the future

Create a European policy forum for regional and local innovation ecosystems

glass building

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