17/04/2020 - 14:00

2020 EUA Annual Conference webinar series launch

The European University Association will present a series of webinars instead of hosting its 2020 annual conference in-person. The first of the webinars will take place on 17th April, and will cover the topic: 'strength in numbers - can university alliances change the game?'

The webinars will all explore the critical role universities play in creating knowledge and fostering democracy in sustainable societies, as well as the importance of leadership and strategy within universities. 

Registration for the first of these online sessions is now open and will remain open until the webinar starts. The webinars are thought to be of interest to institutions leaders, higher education researchers and analysists as well as representatives from other relevant bodies. 

Please click here to register for the first webinar and to learn more about the other upcoming sessions in this series.