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BBI JU call for proposals - online project facilitation workshop

Please find the presentations from the workshop at the bottom of the page. 

The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking recently published the 2020 BBI JU Call for proposals (deadline: 3 September 2020). With an indicative budget of €102 million, it covers 16 topics across four strategic orientations: feedstock, process, products, and market uptake. Please find a complete list of the calls at the bottom of the page.

You can also find more information here.

Following the call for project ideas, five ideas were shortlisted relating to the following calls:

BBI-2020-SO1-D1 – Solving supply chain challenges to transform residual waste streams into functional molecules (nitrogen) for food and/or non-food market applications

BBI-2020-SO1-F1 Valorise the organic fraction of municipal solid waste through an integrated biorefinery at commercial level (FLAG-IA); BBI-2020-SO4-S4 Expand circular economy to include the underexploited circular bioeconomy (CSA)

BBI-2020-SO2-R2 – Develop integral fractionation of lignocellulose to produce components for high-value applications”

BBI-2020-SO2-R3 – Develop bio-based solutions to recycle composites

BBI-2020-S04-S3 - Create and interlink bio-based education centres to meet industry's needs of skills and competences 

During the breakout sessions, these project ideas will be discussed in more detail around virtual discussion tables.

The workshop is primarily aimed at experts in the field. We expect all participants to be prepared and to have the expertise to discuss the calls and the project ideas.

The workshop is open to both ERRIN members and external partners.


The full presentation of the project ideas/concepts and the registration for the workshop, can be found here.

If requested, ERRIN will consider becoming a partner in a consortium, if the project’s approach is of strategic importance for the network and/or one or more of its thematic Working Groups.