Big data test infrastructure webinar
10/05/2022 - 15:00

Big data test infrastructure webinar

  • Gianpiero Petruzziello
  • 10/05/2022 - 15:00
  • Working Group

The European Commission is organising a webinar on the Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) on 10 May 2022.

BDTI is part of the Digital Europe Programme and supports EU public administrations in their digital transition, providing them a free of charge cloud-based analytics test environment to experiment with open-source tools and to prototype solutions before deploying them in the production environment on their own premises.

The event will have an insight on how BDTI can support local, regional and national EU public administrations in finding new ways to draw data-driven insights for strategic decision making. The webinar will also provide an opportunity to learn about the services offered by BDTI and the benefits that public administrations can get from it.

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