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30/03/2022 - 09:00

Bio360 Expo - Nantes

In a nutshell, Bio360 Expo comprises a large exhibition, a comprehensive international conference programme with simultaneous translation, study tours, the innovation competition, and more besides:

- Key numbers anticipated for 2022: 8000 participants, 500 exhibitors, 40 countries, 100 international speakers.
- 4 bilingual conference rooms with simultaneous translation
- a panel of global expert speakers
- a rich programme covering a diverse range of topical subjects
- unfettered access to 500 exhibitors from across the planet showcasing some of the world’s most innovative, dedicated and promising solution providers
- the opportunity to engage with some of the leading thinkers and influencers from across the bioeconomy and bioenergy sectors
- industrial sites visits of specail interest in and around the local area
- the innovations of the moment unveiled at the prize giving ceremony of the innovation competition

All details are to be found here.