Blue growth
03/06/2019 - 16:00

Blue Growth WG - Blue Bioeconomy Forum

In October 2018 the European Commission launched the Blue Bioeconomy Forum as a new tool to boost the blue bioeconomy in Europe. One of the objectives of the BBF is to develop a roadmap where they will “collectively identify strategic developments, market opportunities, appropriate financial assistance, regulatory actions and research priorities to advance the blue bioeconomy in Europe”. The roadmap will more specifically identify the needs of the sector both when it comes to regulation and research as well as financial assistance and product needs. It will also pinpoint current bottlenecks that are preventing developments in the market. The second major objective of the BBF is to identify promising projects and start-ups and create a pipeline of these. During the meeting, the Blue Bioeconomy Forum presented the outline of the roadmap, covering four over-arching themes: (i) policy, environment, and legislation (ii) financing and business (iii) markets and consumers (iv) science and innovation. The first formal discussion on the roadmap will take place at the second BBF stakeholder conference on the 25 June in Brussels. For more background on the blue bioeconomy sector in Europe, the EUMOFA’s report on the sector will provide a good overview and the EU Blue Economy Report 2019. There will also be a session on the blue bioeconomy at the conference “The European Bioeconomy Scene 2019” in Helsinki 8-10 July. ERRIN members can find the agenda and the presentations from the meeting under supporting documents above. Please note that you need to log in to be able to access the documents.