22/03/2018 - 15:30

Brexit: Towards a Changing Relationship between European and British Universities?

  • 22/03/2018 - 15:30
UniLiON (Universities Informal Liaison Offices Network) is a newly established informal network consisting of 35 university liaison offices collaborating in Brussels and representing more than 100 universities with the aim to be the single entry point to a world of excellent universities and to be a gateway to European Institutions and partners for the universities participating in UniLiON. As a part of UniLiON’s collaboration work between the universities, a survey was conducted by the UniLiON Brexit Working Group* with the home institutions of its members across Europe, to explore the grounds for post-Brexit collaboration between European and British universities. To that end, a report has been written offering suggestions for European and British universities alike, as well as policy-makers and funding agencies, such as the European Commission. At this working seminar, UniLiON will present the findings of the survey and a high level panel of experts from the UK and the EU will offer their insights and suggestions on the changing relationship between European and British universities.   Moderator: Malcolm Harbour CBE, Member of the University of Birmingham Council, former MEP for the West Midlands   Panel: Joanna Burton, The Russell Group of Universities, Policy Analyst Thomas Jorgensen, European University Association, Senior Policy Officer Fabien Zuleeg, European Policy Centre, Chief Executive   Rationale for the seminar Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, the UniLiON Brexit Working Group were interested to learn more from the home institutions of UniLiON members about the effects of the Brexit decision and how it will change the collaboration between British and European universities. The aim is to have an open, lively discussion on the findings of the survey and to identify next steps as to what UniLiON and other stakeholders can do to address the challenges identified in the report. For more information, please contact Phil Holliday (p.holliday@whiterose.ac.uk), European Public Affairs Director, White Rose Brussels Office. To register for the event, please add your details to on the Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/brexit-towards-a-changing-relationship-between-european-uk-universities-tickets-43429064501   *The UniLiON Brexit Working Group consists of the following Brussels-based offices:           Bristol Brussels Office           NTNU Brussels Office           London Higher Europe           Southern England Local Partners Brussels Office           White Rose Brussels Office           University of Bergen Brussels Office           University of Birmingham Brussels Office           University of Warwick Brussels Office           University of Wolverhampton Brussels Office           Vrije Universiteit Brussel   UniLiON is an informal network of 35 university liaison offices collaborating together in Brussels representing more than 100 universities, was set up in 2017 and acts as an effective information multiplier. UniLiON is a single entry point to a world of excellent universities and also acts as a gateway to European Institutions and partners for universities participating in UniLiON. UniLiON currently has 4 working groups on Horizon 2020 & FP9, European Research Council, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and Brexit.