Culture for Cities and Regions

Briefing session: "Peer-learning scheme on cultural heritage for cities and regions"

Regional experts in the field of Cultural Heritage have a unique opportunity to learn from their peers and exchange best practices!


ERRIN is part of the successful consortium, led by EUROCITIES, who will implement the "Peer-learning scheme on cultural heritage for cities and regions" on behalf of the European Commission.


The peer-learning scheme comprises 3 tasks:

  • Identification of good practices (30) and creation of a catalogue
  • Organisation of peer-learning visits (12)
  • Analysis and dissemination


The aim is to support peer-learning activities for local and regional experts on 3 topics

  • participatory governance of cultural heritage (D&C WG relevance)
  • adaptive reuse of built heritage (D&C and Tourism WG relevance) 
  • quality interventions on cultural heritage (Tourism WG relevance) 


The timeline to gather inputs from the regions will be very tight! For this reason, the ERRIN secretariat is organising an informative session on the initiative on the 29th January at 14.30 at our premises: the sole speaker will be Julie Hervé, Senior Policy Advisor from EUROCITIES. Her presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. 


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