05/10/2017 - 02:00

Brno Design Days 2017: UNSEEN

  • 05/10/2017 - 02:00
Brno Design Days 2017: UNSEEN The goal of Brno Design Days is to grow the public sensibility towards design and its values and benefits for a better living and better business. Also, it represents the city of Brno and the South Moravian Region as catalysts of innovation & creative prosperity. The challenge is to reinvent the image of the traditional design event by challenging the status quo while positioning Brno and the Region as a creative and inspiring place in the eyes of business movers and shakers from around the world. This year's topic will be the discovery of the ʻunseenʼ design. Guests will be invited to lead us through their design work as a useful tool for improvement of life. Brno Design Days - 5th to 8th of October 2017