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The Business of Biorefining

AberInnovation, which is part of Aberystwyth University, is organising an interactive webinar on Wednesday April 14th with BEACON biorefining experts Dr Judith Thornton and Dr Joe Gallagher. BEACON offers biorefining research and development expertise to support innovative bio-based businesses.

For 10 years this university-based team of specialists has been assisting companies with great ideas to collaborate, enabling them to develop and get their products and services closer to market. The collaborators and experts share a common goal: working towards net-zero carbon emissions and a zero-waste economy for future generations.

Respecting environmental limits will mean that in the proposed net-zero society of 2050, we’ll be making minimal use of fossil fuels for transport, heating and a multitude of products, so what will we be using instead?

How will we get there, and where does your business fit in?

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