Citizen Science for Environmental Citizenship conference

This conference will present the results of the EnviroCitizen project. EnviroCitizen is a project that set out to research how to encourage environmental citizenship through engagement with citizen science. The project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 fund and is coordinated by the University of Stavanger in partnership with:

  • The Estonian Academy of Sciences
  • Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education
  • New Europe College
  • Radboud University
  • University of Extremadura
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Citizen science has the potential to do more than create good science; it can create engaged citizens. Birding activities, in particular bird counting and bird ringing, have some of the longest citizen science traditions in the world. They hold great potential for developing environmental citizenship which encompasses the rights and responsibilities that individuals and collective society have toward nature. We aim to change the context in which existing collection happens in order to build more aware environmental citizens, by providing the tools needed to educate people in their environmental responsibilities. At this conference, we shall present the results of our research, and showcase some of the tools we have developed.

Please register for the event here.