22/06/2022 - 10:30

Cultural Heritage & Tourism: How the Erasmus+ programme contributes to the development of green and digital skills in tourism

As highlighted in the European Skills Agenda, the Twin transition calls for both digital and green competences in all sectors to insure, EU move towards the goals set in European Green Deal. This indeed counts for the tourism sector as well. The ERASMUS+ programme allows for project partnerships addressing the needed development of new skills and innovation of the established training/education system in the tourism sector, and has great potential for collaboration between local and regional authorities and E&I institutions within their ecosystems.

This meeting aims to inspire members for future project development on the topic, and to provide an occasion for knowledge and information sharing between members. It will feature, among other contributions, a presentation on ongoing ERASMUS+, KA2 projects, followed by a discussion / Q&A. The meeting will close with an informal networking coffee.

The presentations used in the meeting are now attached to this webpage.