02/10/2019 - 13:30

Design & Creativity WG: Study visit to Luca School of Arts in Genk - postponed

Are you ready to try something new, leave Brussels and explore Belgium a bit? There are interesting projects waiting for you outside the Bubble – come and join us on the 2nd October, you will be surprised! We will organise a study visit to the Luca School of Arts in Genk.  Genk is a small town in Flanders that faces similar challenges like many of our regions and cities: youth unemployment, brain drain, an aging population and a multi-cultural environment due to different waves of immigration. The Luca School of Arts, together with the local authorities, works on several design projects to tackle these challenges. During our visit, researchers will illustrate their projects and showcase how they work with the public administration. We will also get the chance to participate at an interactive workshop where we will learn more about design thinking and tools, and the collaboration with local authorities.The visit will take place at the C-Mine site in Genk, which is itself an unique example of creative re-invention of an industrial site that now is a cultural meeting point for the community.   Please note that the meeting is organised within Design & Creativity Working Group. There are no travel arraignments and compensation.   The study visit has been postponed. We will inform you shortly about the new date.