21/01/2019 - 16:00

Design & Creativity Working Group Meeting

In the first part of the meeting we would like to inspire you with an interactive discussion with excellent speakers from DG EAC (Barbara Stacher and Maciej Hofman), and DG CNECT (Ralph Dum and Anni Hellman). We are planning an open, informal dialogue with only very short introductions from the Commission, so please prepare your questions, bring along your ideas and discuss with your stakeholders about their needs and interests in advance! This would be really important for us in order to make our meetings engaging, member-driven and bottom-up as always – in other words to make 2019 a successfully designed year together. Having learnt about the institutional priorities, in the second part we would like to brainstorm with you about WG activities and co-create the theme that we would like to focus on in 2019.