02/10/2018 - 11:00

ESPON: Economic development in rural regions – new thinking and policies in finding and exploiting endogenous capacities

  • 02/10/2018 - 11:00
This ESPON* seminar in Växjö, Sweden will examine how to support and encourage SMEs and exploit endogenous resources such as natural capital, heritage, renewable energy, bio-economy and tourism in rural regions. Successful exploitation may require new models of governance, social innovation, high-level ICT systems as well as public sector support. The recent review of the CAP points to a strengthening of knowledge flows, more research and innovation in rural areas (e.g. digital farming) and the strengthening of the rural socio-economic fabric through stronger rural value chains and increased attention to the bio and circular economy. eco-tourism, renewable energy, etc.as well as improving resilience ion the agricultural sector. The seminar will examine the challenges of Kronoberg County and then call on rural development experts to outline recent thinking in stimulating rural economic development. Experts from Nordic countries will comment on the Swedish challenges and compare with their own challenges and thinking. Please find registration and the latest agenda here. ---- *The ESPON 2020 Programme aims at promoting and fostering a European territorial dimension in development and cooperation by providing evidence, knowledge transfer and policy learning to public authorities and other policy actors at all levels. ERRIN is part of the Transnational Outreach Support 2016-2019.