EU Industry Days
24/03/2021 - 10:00

EU Industry at the crossroads of Covid-19 pandemic, Green Growth and digital transformation

The North-East Romania Regional Development Agency presents an open conversation about the EU Industry at the crossroads of the COVID-19 pandemic, endless trade wars, industrial revival in Europe, world regions competitors, internationalisation vs nationalisation, green & digital transition and workforce.

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Top European Commission experts and distinguished industry champions from different sectors and geographies are all set to discuss the top challenges and opportunities impacting European industries today.

- Gabriela Macoveiu, Director of Communication, Innovation and External Cooperation Directorate | North-East Romania Regional Development Agency
- Jose Cotta, Head of Industry 5.0 Unit | DG R&I | European Commission
- Lorena Ionita, Deputy Head of the Industrial Strategy and Value Chains Unit | DG GROW | European Commission
- Andreea Botez, Entrepreneur and CEO @AndProd Bacau, North-East Romania
- Valeriu Iftime, Entrepreneur and founder of Elsaco Solution, North-East Romania