14/10/2020 - 13:00

EWRC side event: Minority languages in the digital age

The event will promote the development and use of minority languages in Europe. It will build on a submitted Erasmus+ project proposal, which seeks to empower teachers and community members in leading the enhancement of curricula – to make use of local resources and digital methods to create arenas where the language can be actively used.

In a briefing to the European Parliament, launched in September 2020, the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) states that «Regional and minority languages (RMLs) together with smaller state languages – the ‘lesser-used languages’ – are under serious threat of extinction (…). However, digital technology is not necessarily a death sentence; it can also offer a rescue kit.»

Join the European dialogue about available digital didactic materials for keeping threatened languages alive! 

More information can be found at this link. Registration here.