Foster resilience of the tourism industry through innovative value chain

In the framework of the 2nd Industry Day of the European Commission, ERRIN is organising a panel discussion on innovative value chains in tourism.  Tourism does not produce technological innovations. Yet, being innovative and reacting to the changing needs is vital for a resilient European tourism industry. Thanks to innovation, the tourism industry has the capacity to increasingly offer high quality and tailored services, but it leads to innovative business models, with respect to distribution and pricing, development of service design methodologies, etc. Tourism is a highly customer-focused and dependent industry. From idea to realisation the whole value chain delivers a lot of non-technological and social innovations. Innovative value chains imply collaboration between industries, brands, stakeholders and the involvement of the users, even more relevant when it goes to groups with specific needs, tastes and expectations.  he workshop will bring concrete examples of building such collaborations to create innovative tourism and travel related services also for one particular sensitive group of citizens: people with disabilities. See the attached document for the agenda, and please register for the event here.