17/05/2019 - 09:45

ICT WG meeting: Digital and Gamified Learning

  • 17/05/2019 - 09:45
  • Working Group

Digital technologies have already changed the way we learn. How can digitalisation influence education in the future? Will traditional classroom-based learning be disrupted, or will it take on board new developments such as gamification? And how can we ensure that digital education is accessible to everyone?

The ERRIN ICT WOrking Group, together with the EU Funded Beaconing project (http://www.beaconing.eu) led by Coventry University’s Disruptive Multimedia Learning Lab, is organising a workshop to explore these questions. BEACONING has produced an authoring tool for game-based learning that allows educators to create their own gamified lesson plans. The aim is not to replace existing teaching and learning but to enhance the experience. Furthermore, the platform provides location-based capability, where you can create lesson plans that will make use of physical spaces and locations. This event in Brussels aims to explore gamification and digital technologies in education and demonstrates the BEACONING digital platform that supports hybrid learning experiences.






Welcome from the Coventry University Brussels office

Jayne Beaufoy (Coventry University), Markus Hell (Coventry University Brussels, ERRIN ICT WG leader)


Setting the scene: the EU framework for innovation in learning

European Commission, DG CNECT (tbc)


Hybrid learning solutions in education – introducing the BEACONING project

Sylvester Arnab (Coventry University)


Use Cases – Escape Rooms, Flipped Classroom and Vocational Education and Training

Anne-Elisabeth Lenel and Raphael Attias (ORT)


Making digital content accessible for students with disabilities – the Accessabar function

Lawrence Howard and Neil Judd (Hands Free Computing)


From BEACONING to PlayVisit – Geolocation and Big Data for learning about cultural heritage

Pau Yanez (Geomotion Games)


Networking lunch, including exhibition and demonstrations of the different solutions available through BEACONING


Please note that this event is only for ERRIN members.

Registration is available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/beaconing-showcase-gamified-and-pervasive-learning-tickets-59754264614 

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