Industry days: Testbed Europe - accelerating innovation and strengthening eco-systems

Location: Crown Plaza/Covent Garden, Place Rogier, Brussels
Event Date: 2018-02-22
Time: 14:30:00

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External Event

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Today’s rapid technological and scientific developments will bring many opportunities to European industry to keep their global competitiveness and bring solutions to societal challenges. Test and demonstration facilities linked to innovation hubs, will be crucial to quickly turn results into solutions serving society and bringing growth and jobs.

The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, Teknikföretagen and RISE, the Research Institutes of Sweden, have organised a number of debates involving EU wide stakeholders from RTOs, industry, national and EU level institutions covering industry´s need for test and demos as well as on going initiatives at national, transnational and EU level, and the need for a strategic view on test and demonstration facilities in Europe.

This workshop will focus on what should be elements of a comprehensive EU strategy on test and demonstration facilities to maximise the use and impact and make Europe attractive to investments in R&D and innovation.

Issues to be discussed would be; how to prioritise, how to ensure company involvement and relevance, how could different funding programmes contribute to the implementation, the role and responsibility of national and regional authorities. 

The workshop aims at delivering a set of recommendations towards a Test and Demonstration strategy for Europe, inspired by the ESFRI roadmap, to be developed as a part of the next programming period. It would also give additional support from stakeholders and policymakers and ensure relevance, future impact in order for the T&D strategy to be a part of the future Industrial and Innovation strategy for Europe and of the next coming Framework programme 9 with the vision to create a “Testbed Europe”.

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