NEB event

Lost in NEB? Examples, visions and the way forward

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) aims to accelerate the transformation of our living environments into more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive places. Two years after the State of the Union address by President von der Leyen, where the NEB initiative was officially mentioned, this event aims to discuss the initiatives from different perspectives taking stock of what has been implemented so far, understanding the various links to get a clear, coherent picture, and exploring the next steps.
We will hear representatives from a funded lighthouse project, a funded prize, an NEB lab community-led project and a stakeholder who would like to be more involved in the NEB activities. These presentations will focus on the objectives, expectations, struggles and needs related to the NEB. After this panel, we will hear about the CrAFt project, followed by a representative from the European Parliament who will present the position on the NEB. Finally, we will have the possibility to hear a representative from the JRC present the following years’ activities in terms of vision, funding, and strategies to be involved. The event will have a hybrid format. We strongly encourage Brussels-based colleagues to join in person to facilitate the networking activities. The meeting will be preceded by a coffee welcome and followed by a network reception.

Thank you for participating in the event. The presentations can be found below.