Triangle + Smart Catalonia
03/12/2021 - 09:30

Monitoring challenge-oriented smart specialisation. Opportunities and limitations of open data and semantic techniques. The case of Catalonia

Monitoring challenge-oriented smart specialisation strategies requires new visualisation tools based on integrated open data, semantic analysis and new classification systems that allow us to map and understand the dynamics of collaboration between both stakeholders and areas of knowledge, the emergence of new patterns of specialisation and the contribution of research and innovation to SDGs.

If you are interested in exploring new possibilities to monitor smart specialisation and emergent regional specialisation patterns, we invite you to join us in this webinar with policy makers, researchers, policy analysts and data scientists. We’ll present and discuss Catalonia’s approach to monitoring smart specialisation, methodologies to monitor and support challenge-oriented S3, open issues and possible ways forward.

Agenda and registration

To know more about the contents of the webinar, you can read the report “Monitoring smart specialisation with open data and semantic techniques" with examples from artificial intelligence, circular bioeconomy, SDGs, women's health, the challenge of plastics in the sea....

And you can also take a look at the RIS3-MCAT Platform: