MOOC: Monitoring Smart Specialisation Strategies

Location: CoR, 99-101 Belliardstraat Brussels
Event Date: 2018-01-23
Time: 12:15:00

Event Type:

External Event

Working Group:

Smart Specialisation



What are the principles underpinning RIS3 and RIS3 monitoring? What are the core-indicators of the sound implementation of Research and Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3)? What are the key data-sources necessary to monitor them?

DG Regional and Urban Policy and the Joint Research Centre would like to invite you to attend a presentation on the new MOOC (massive open online course) on monitoring Smart Specialisation Strategies. Dr Elisabetta Marinelli, from the JRC (Territorial Development Unit), will present the contents of the MOOC and explain how and when to register for the online course that will open in March at a lunch-time briefing hosted by the Committee of Regions on January 23rd (12:15h).

The MOOC is open to anyone interested in monitoring knowledge-based regional development, and in particular Smart Specialisation Strategies. Specific audiences include:

  • Civil servants working on regional development at the regional, national and European level
  • Students or researchers interested in regional development, or research and innovation policies.
  • Consultants in regional development or research and innovation policy

To attend the lunch-time briefing on January 23rd, please register (limited places).

More information on the MOOC: “Monitoring Smart Specialisation Strategies”.

About this MOOC: Monitoring Smart Specialisation Strategies

Research and innovation are crucial in meeting the socio-economic challenges of our times. This is why they are at centre of European Union strategy and its Cohesion policy. Member States and regions have designed and have begun to implement Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) to guide public investment in the coming years.

To check whether their policies, investment decisions and projects are delivering effectively with the desired impacts, regions and countries need an effective monitoring system.

This course aims at supporting this process and is opened to anyone interested in monitoring knowledge-based regional development and RIS3 strategies in particular. It will go online in March 2018. The MOOC will answer key questions related to monitoring RIS3, addressing conceptual, policy and empirical aspects.

The course will embrace five weekly modules and will be available on the online learning platform Iversity.

During this lunchtime briefing, participants will get an insight into the newly produced MOOC “Monitoring Smart Specialisation Strategies”. Dr Elisabetta Marinelli, from the JRC Sevilla (Targeted Support for RIS3), will present the course and explain who will find the content most useful.

More information about RIS3 can be found on Smart Specialisation Platform.