03/12/2018 - 10:30

MooDFOOD Final Conference

  • 03/12/2018 - 10:30
  • Working Group
The MooDFOOD project invites you to join them for their final interactive Workshop and Poster Session, announcing MooDFOOD project results and to explore how you may want to take up the findings and materials in your own constituencies from a policy to practice perspective. The MooDFOOD project harnessed a multi-centre European consortium with expertise in nutrition, psychology, psychiatry and food-related consumer behaviour to evaluate and test the potential for the prevention and treatment of depression through nutritional strategies. The FP7 European Commission funded project included extensive research into the potential of food, nutrients, dietary patterns, nutritional supplements and food-related behaviours in the prevention of depression, including a randomised controlled trial of 1025 participants, behavioural intervention studies, meta-analysis of large prospective cohorts and extensive literature reviews examining the relationship between food and risk of depression.   For more information on MooDFOOD visit https://www.moodfood-vu.eu/ For enquires please contact: enquiries@easo.org Click here to view the latest draft programme To register please visit https://goo.gl/forms/H54LiyLywNA7gLr72