EU Green Week Partner Event 2022

Nature Pedagogics - Making the Green Deal Real by Starting Young

Gothenburg European Office invites you to a webinar on nature pedagogy: 'Nature Pedagogics – Making the Green Deal Real by Starting Young'. 

The webinar will take place on 2 June and will be an occasion to explore how the cities of Lahti, Aalborg, and Gothenburg use nature pedagogics in their climate transition by highlighting the administrative framework and case studies used. Ulrike Pisiotis from the European Commission (Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture) will moderate the event. Together with her, the discussion will focus on the challenges and future opportunities - at EU, regional and local level. 

In the Nordics, nature pedagogy is used to foster a better relationship between humans and nature from a young age. The philosophy is that by guided nature play, using nature as a teacher and learning about the personal impact on our surroundings, it is possible to raise awareness on citizens who will carry the torch of the green transition. This idea permeates nordic nature-loving culture and is a defining feature of Nordic living which can serve as an inspiration across Europe. 

The theme for the EU Green Week 2022, which falls on the Year of the Youth, creates an opportune moment to highlight the role that children play in the climate transition. A synergy more frequently highlighted at the European level as seen in for example the current EU Biodiversity Strategy, the EU Zero Pollution Action Plan, and the EU Action Plan for Circular Economy. With this increasing policy interest, it is also possible to see a growing interest for nature pedagogy from other EU regions and cities outside of the Nordic sphere.


  • Ulrike Pisiotis, Policy Officer, European Commission (Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture)


  • Elina Ojala, Environmental Director, City of Lahti
  • Helle Fuglsang, Nature Physiotherapist, City of Aalborg
  • Susanne Bergdahl, Planning Officer – Outdoor Pedagogy, City of Gothenburg
  • Linda Thelin, Zoologist, City of Gothenburg

You can register to the event at this link.