10/10/2018 - 19:30

Networking cocktail FOODINOVA: a national initiative to strengthen the Swedish innovation eco-system for food and territorial development

  • 10/10/2018 - 19:30
SWEDEN IS A FRONTRUNNER WHEN IT COMES TO INNOVATION But what does the Swedish innovation eco-system for food, environment and health have to do with you? INVITATION: TASTE, LISTEN & DISCUSS We welcome you to taste the famous finger food à la nordic, while discussing new ideas! As the largest incubator and science park in Sweden within the food sector, and with a cross over to the areas health and environment, Krinova is developing the ability of innovation environments to provide an even better incubation and innovation support to companies within the food supply chain. We Believe in Co We believe in co-doing, co-designing, co-developing and co-effectuating. We believe that together, we can do much more than we could ever do alone. We are looking for partners, strong actors, visionaries and doers that support the growth and competitiveness of companies and organisations in the food value chain that want to strengthen the innovation eco-system with an increased capacity for incubation and innovation. Let’s do some more good, or who knows, maybe even great stuff together! When: Wednesday October 10th, 17:30. Welcome by Jenny Bergsten, Business Developer within Food, Department of Regional Development, Region Skåne followed by introduction to Foodinova and Krinova Incubator & Science Park by Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth, CEO, Krinova Incubator & Science Park Where: Skåne European Office, Rue du Luxembourg 3, Brussels Register: https://bit.ly/2NlXSAe   ABOUT KRINOVA What we do Krinova is developing the ability of innovation environments in order for us all to provide an even better incubation and innovation support to companies within the food supply chain. We do so preferably in cross-sectoral co-operations, with other industries and areas of competencies. This effort is in alignment with the Swedish National Food Strategy that also aims to bring actors within the industry together for increased co-operation, growth and innovation. Who we are Krinova Incubator & Science Park is an innovation-driven node for several levels of society. An integrated incubation, science park, innovation arena and a cross-cluster community, that scale up and develop business operations in the spirit of co-creation, user driven and open innovation. Together with partners and companies we formulate challenges that become the basis for development, innovation and growth. This event is part of the Swedish national project Foodinova financed by VINNOVA. Foodinova is run by Krinova together with Inkubera. The project is part of a government initiative to strengthen innovation drivers that support business start-ups within the food sector.