New European Research Area – Towards a Responsible Knowledge-Driven Society of the 3rd Millennium

New European Research Area – Towards a Responsible Knowledge-Driven Society of the 3rd Millennium

The Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union is organising a Conference on the new European Research Area as one of its flagship events in the field of research and innovation. 

The ambition to form a single, borderless space for research, innovation and technology across the EU, is being revitalised. The Conference aims to put forward ERA conference recommendations for the better implementation of the new ERA. Through mutual learning and knowledge exchange, it will contribute to better integration of the ERA in key stakeholder communities, industrial sectors and policy-makers on regional, national and EU levels, especially those responsible for research and also from broader innovation ecosystems.

The event intends to improve the understanding of the ERA to increase linkages between stakeholder communities and develop a common understanding of their needs – making sure the Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe, the ERA Policy Agenda and European Commission’s services work for all stakeholders. It will put stakeholder needs at the heart of the new ERA, with workshop discussions on the second day focussing on key ERA Policy Agenda priorities and actions: ERA for research Infrastructures; ERA for prospective research careers; ERA for Open Science; ERA for economy.

The Conference will have three main goals:

  1. Fostering exchange between the Member States, countries associated to Horizon Europe and the European Commission in relation to building a renewed ERA;

  2. Giving a platform to stakeholders to reflect on the main challenges for effective and efficient implementation of newly designed ERA Actions; and

  3. Providing recommendations (as outputs of the conference) to policymakers contributing to the design and implementation of the new ERA.

The event will be held in a hybrid format with up to 170 participants expected to join in person at the Brdo Conference Centre in Slovenia. In order to ensure equal and the widest possible participation of all the relevant ERA stakeholders, the possibility of virtual participation in all parts of the Conference (including the breakout sessions) will be provided through web streaming and interactive social media tools.

The registration for in-person participants will be closed when the number of registrations reaches 170. The registration for the online participants will stay open until 20 October.

More information about the Conference and registration is available on the official event website