RECIPROCITY - From learning to replicating: focus on AI solutions - Workshop on Paris' good practices

During the Paris Mobility Mission, some members of the RECIPROCITY Community had the chance to learn from many good practices.

On Monday 16 January 2023, from 14:30 to 16:00, we will focus on two selected ones, Wisp and SquareMiles.

We will have the chance to hear a description of their successful mobility cases and discuss the possibility of replicating them in other cities. 


Learn more about the two cases:


WISP is an AI-oriented solution to streamline car traffic in large cities. Without additional infrastructure, the purpose is to optimize traffic light switching times. For better air quality, less noise pollution and considerable time savings.



SquareMiles is a Digital Twin back with a simulator designed to test all logistics scenarios and accelerate innovation processes. It allows diagnosis and proposal of solutions for multimodal logistics, carbon-free and optimized by digital twin.



14:30: Welcome and presentation of the activities for 2023

14:40: Presentation of Paris Use Case from WISP

14:55: Presentation of Paris Use Case from Square Miles

14:10: Q&A

14:20: Working groups on how to replicate the two cases:

  • session on Logistics
  • session on Vehicle traffic

16:00: Wrap up and presentation of results




This workshop is part of a calendar of RECIPROCITY events, listed below. Stay tuned, more information will be available soon.  

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