26/06/2018 - 18:30

SDSR Final Conference

  • 26/06/2018 - 18:30
Smart Data Smart Region (SDSR) is an exciting EU project that is pioneering and transformative linking the use of smart data to the transformation of the regions in a smart way. The “Smart” data sector is growing at a rapid rate, and is fast becoming one of the leading industries in Europe. However, whilst the demand for these transversal skills is growing, the supply is not. SDSR have launched their national ‘presentation days’ in the four countries involved in the project: United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands and Germany.  Please find agenda attached. Participants need to provide type of ID and ID Number for Entry to Euorpean Parliament. Admission is Free. Paricipants will learn about: The emerging role of big data Understand the key terms regarding big and smart data Know how big data can be turned into smart data The tips of how take advantage of the existing data you already have Be able to recognize there is a lot of Open Data already out there for you to use. See the benefits of using the external data in order to improve your business Learn how to recognize the opportunites of where big data can benefit your company Be able to recognize the neccessity of regulating big data The difference between privacy and data protection Possible opportunites your company can have with Big Data Some of the start up challenges you might have with Big Data