20/04/2023 - 10:00

SEFS Working Group Meeting: How to bridge the gap between researchers and policy makers?

This interactive meeting will offer SEFS Working Group members an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the European Commission’s Staff Working Document Supporting and connecting policymaking in the Member States with scientific research

The meeting will showcase three practices from ERRIN members of how evidence-based and evidence-informed policymaking is done in practice. The JRC will participate in an open dialogue with ERRIN members on the preparatory action “Science meets Regions” which is ending in 2023. Members will have the opportunity to share their ideas on what kind of instruments regions like to see emerging in support of evidence-informed policy making at regional and local levels. The meeting will end with an exchange on future perspectives in which both researchers and regional policymakers can present their challenges and needs and propose ways to better bridge the gap between the world of research and the world of policy making.

This session will pave the way for regional stakeholders’ input for the conference (DGRTD) in Brussels on 10-11 October 2023. 

Within the context of the meeting, the working group is looking for a broad range of examples strengthening evidence-based and evidence-informed policy making, both from the academic perspective as well as the policy making perspective. As ERRIN has been promoting the “Science meets Regions” initiative among the membership, we would particularly welcome regional examples which were set up under this scheme.

You can find more information on the call for regional examples here.

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