Smart Cities
21/01/2020 - 14:00

Smart Cities WG Meeting: Towards the Mission on Climate Neutral Cities

  • Heidi Johansson
  • 21/01/2020 - 14:00
  • Working Group

We are happy to welcome you to the first Smart Cities Working Group meeting for 2020! The meeting will take place on 21st January between 14:00-17:00, followed by a networking drink, and is kindly hosted by the Cities Northern Netherlands office, located on Rue de Trèves 59, 1000 Brussels. 

This meeting will focus on the road towards the Mission for Climate Neutral Cities. Jean-Francois Aguinaga from DG RTD will set the scene by presenting the Mission and giving an update on its state of play. ERRIN's draft contribution on the Mission will be presented, which will be followed by a break out into smaller groups where the WG members get the opportunity to discuss the key elements of the Mission as well as to provide further inputs in the next steps of its development process.

The parallel sessions will focus on issues such as:

1. Selection process: what should be the selection criteria for cities to take part in the Mission?

2. Climate City Contracts: what should be included in the contract? Who should sign it/key actors involved? What should be the key elements of the contract? The Mission document identifies five key elements, namely:

  • The transformation of cities into innovation hubs
  • New forms of governance
  • A new economic model for climate action
  • A model for integrated urban planning and operations
  • Smart technologies, data platforms and urban system modelling

3. Monitoring: how should the monitoring be carried out and which indicators should be used to ensure that the target of climate neutrality by 2030 is met?

JPI Urban will thereafter give a presentation on the Partnership on Sustainable, Smart and Inclusive Cities and Communities, followed by a discussion on the next steps. Finally, we will present and discuss the Smart Cities WG's Work Plan for 2020. 

Please find enclosed the agenda for the meeting together with ERRIN's draft contribution on the Mission on Climate Neutral Cities. 

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