Smart Specialisation for the Recovery Workshop
15/04/2021 - 09:30

Smart Specialisation for the Recovery Workshop

This event aims to deepen our understanding as to how Smart Specialisation can be an effective tool to help territories recover from the current pandemic-induced crisis and discover new opportunities for more sustainable and inclusive economies. For this, we first need to understand what worked and what did not work in the previous programming period 2014-2020 and identify a set of sound recommendations for the Smart Specialisation of the next generation.

This workshop offers a forum to practitioners, policy-makers and researchers for discussing concrete achievements, good practices, and challenges related to implementing the Smart Specialisation policy in EU regions, such as:

  • How to ensure coordinated policy initiatives at an international, national and regional level to mitigate the COVID-19 economic crisis and promote a swift recovery?
  • How can place-based policies play a role in tackling the severe socio-economic impacts of COVID-19?

The registration and more information are available at the event's website.