Technology for society: Are we getting it right?

Technology for society: Are we getting it right?

EuroTech Universities Alliance organises a high-level event exploring the benefits and limitations of technology for society. It will offer an opportunity to engage in a discussion with citizens, policymakers and researchers.

Societal needs are at the centre of our work but do we actually listen? What is the role of society in the innovation process? How do universities of science and technology come into play? What can be solved with the help of technology, what cannot and where does technology maybe even come with challenges itself? And how is this reflected in policymaking?

Pirita Lindholm, Director of ERRIN will take part in the event as one of the speakers, focusing on whether right policies are in place in the context of technology for society.

The event is following the slogan “Empowering Society”, as EuroTech Universities Alliance celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2021.

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