UnILiON Annual Event 2022
17/11/2022 - 15:00

UnILiON Annual Event 2022

The UnILiON Annual Event 2022 will take place on 17 November in Brussels. High-level executives of UnILiON member universities, European policy-makers, and stakeholders in the education, research, and innovation sector will share their views and experiences on modernising academic assessment. These reforms are gaining momentum as universities’ role as key societal actors that push the frontiers of knowledge is complemented with the aim to deliver solutions to pressing societal challenges.

During the conference, we will discuss university-led initiatives that aim to modernise assessment in higher education with a holistic approach (education, research, societal impact), the European agreement to reform research assessment promoted by the European Commission, and the implications of these changes on issues such as international recognition, academic freedom, and autonomy.

The UnILiON looks forward to seeing you in Brussels on 17 November from 15:00-18:00.

You may find the agenda and register here.

UnILiON (Universities Informal Liaison Offices Network) is an informal network of 51 Brussels-based liaison offices representing more than 150 excellent universities in Europe and Japan. The network represents an arena of exchange where the participants share information, nurture collaboration and act as information multipliers towards the represented organisations. UnILiON offers a single entry point to a world of excellent universities.