Youth Learning Through Arts

Youth Learning Through Arts seminar

The Erasmus+ project Youth Learning Through Arts (YLTA) is coordinated by the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers. Our official project partners are Finnish Nature League (Finland), Pionirski Dom – Center for youth culture (Slovenia), Association for culture and education IMPRO (Slovenia), Malopolski Instytut Kultury w Krakowie MIK (Poland), and art center Cricoteka (Poland). 

The YLTA project produced six workshops with art-based methods for youth work professionals and organisations in three countries (Finland, Poland and Slovenia). The themes included reactive ecocrisis, improvisation, drama and accessibility. Also, learning activities were organised in each participating country for art educators and youth workers on these topics. Three ebooklets will be published about the methods.

In the YLTA seminar we will present the operations and results of the project in each country. We will also publish the final YLTA paper at the event. In the paper, we are suggesting innovative methods to increase and ease the use of arts as a tool for youth work. The findings will be discussed in an interactive manner with the seminar participants. More information about the YLTA project here

Also two Finnish innovations related to cultural education will be presented at the seminar: Cultural Education Plans and Art Testers are great examples of successful operations that increase equality and quality in the field of cultural education as well as in basic education.

Registration is possible at this link

Place: Mundo-b, an eco-designed and eco-managed meeting center in Brussels