The Cleantech Region has over 440.000 inhabitants and is situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands. In the Cleantech Region businesses, public authorities and knowledge institutes work closely together to achieve innovative, green economic growth, supported by the inhabitants. They strive for a clean future in which the economy and ecology are in balance and energy neutrality is key. The Cleantech region is the economic hotspot for cleantech products, services, techniques and activities that contribute to a more circular economy.

Key Topics & Areas of Interest

● Smart Manufacturing: Advanced clean technologies at firm level with minimum environmental footprint; mean and lean and maximum ICT.

● Energy Transition: Production and use of low-carbon in buildings, mobility and manufacturing: minimum fossil, maximum sustainable energy.

● Circular Economy: Development of new opportunities that close the chain of resource use: less use of raw materials, maximum re-use.

● Human Capital: Equal opportunities for everyone and no gaps between education and labour market. Maximum and sustainable employability at all levels.

The region offers three regional key assets to achieve these goals:

● Regional Governance by a Strategic Board that sets the agenda, facilitates and finances the implementation and ensures the interconnectivity between business, human capital and the public interest. 

● A fieldlab environment where innovative cleantech products, technologies and (public) services can be piloted and barriers by contradictory regulations are tackled to optimally adopt transitions. 

● Bottom-up initiatives where citizens, businesses, students and local authorities cooperate closely to realize creative clean tech solutions.

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