Cork County Council

Cork County is located in the South West Region of Ireland. It is the second largest Local Authority in Ireland and the largest by geographic area. The Council serves a population of approximately 335,000 people or 120,000 households, has an annual revenue budget of approximately €340m and employs approximately 2,000 employees. The Council provides a diverse range of services, including Housing, Planning, Environmental Services, Roads, Economic Development, Community Development, Tourism, Arts & Heritage, Fire Service, Library Service and Motor Taxation. These services are delivered through eight Municipal Districts for the benefit of all residents, enterprises and visitors alike. The County Council has a designated membership of 55 Councillors who are elected to the Council every five years. The primary purpose of the Elected Members is to develop and implement policy for the full range of services delivered by the Council. They are supported in their policy-making role by eight Strategic Policy Committees comprised of members of the Council and representatives of external bodies. The Elected Members are also supported by a series of working committees which deal with specific business areas.

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  • Contact person

    John Forde

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    Carrigrohane Road
    Co. Cork
    T12 A243

Cork County

S3 Strategy

Ireland's Smart Specialisation Strategy for Research and Innovation is the National Research Prioritisation Exercise (NRPE). This includes and implementation framework comprising of a Monitoring Framework (indicators and targets), Action Plans for each of the Priority Areas and the governance arrangements. This is a national strategy with no separate smart specialisation strategies for each of the regions; however, the NRPE process does take account of the regional dimension. The implementation of the funding aspects of the strategy is delivered through the research funding agencies. This smart specialisation strategy encompasses the funding provided through the funding agencies that is co-financed by the ERDF and the other non-co-financed funding provided through them.

Strategic R&I Projects


ProtoAtlantic is a maritime sector business and enterprise project focused on developing a model for prototyping and exploiting innovative ideas in three marine sectors; renewable energy, marine robotics and blue biotechnologies.


Focused on coastal urban development, CUTLER (Coastal Urban Development through the Lenses of Resilience) is developing innovative software to analyse environment, economic and social data to help shift the existing paradigm of policymaking to an evidence-driven approach enabled by big data.

Delta Lady

Focussing on the potential of deltas to develop activities utilising natural and cultural heritage. Delta Lady aims to improve the regional policies fostering the capabilities of ecosystem services in river deltas to strengthen regional economies.

Destination SMEs

Focussed on placemaking and creating Destination Management Bodies to support SMEs in the Tourism sector. This project aims to assist regions and provide SMEs with a favourable environment for growth and competitiveness.