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The unique cluster and ecosystem of natural resources and bioeconomy expertise in Kanta-Häme supports the green development and implements EU´s Green Deal in the region. Rural vitality, local food production, sustainable nature tourism, robotics, robotics in education, equine industry ecosystems, metal industries and circular economy together with digitalisation are in the centre of regional development. Kanta-Häme regions want to be actively involved in creating and building RDI- networks nationally as well as internationally and across traditional sector boundaries. Through international and EU collaboration, we help all actors in our RDI- an ecosystem to generate new innovations and businesses and new partnerships. Häme EU Office is a liaison contact for all actors in the innovation ecosystem of Kanta-Häme region.

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KANTA-HÄME RIS3 – Strategy for research, innovation and smart specialisation. Kanta-Häme Region´s (FI) RIS3 Strategy targets political support and investments into the region´s central priorities by utilizing region’s strengths, competitive advantage, and excellence potential. Important elements are research-based technological and practice-based innovations. Kanta-Häme RIS3 aims to promote private sector investments and cooperation between various stakeholder groups in quadruple-helix-cooperation. Kanta-Häme RIS3 priorities are: Sustainable use of natural resources, Bioeconomy and circular economy Industry 4.0 Creative industries, tourism, and well-being services, Built environment and services

Kanta-Häme Region´s central logistical location in Southern Finland creates good preconditions for built-environment businesses and services. Special themes include sustainability, ecological construction, and landscaping combined with new sustainable energies and steel construction. Opportunities brought by digitalization both in urban and rural areas create new service possibilities. New types of living and intelligent transport solutions also have international demand. It is important to respond quickly to possible new needs in emerging industries. Promotion of new business activities, enterprises, products, and services (EDP) is vital. User-driven development requires trust as well as genuine, open, and appreciative cooperation. It is imperative to strengthen already strong emerging industries, increase entrepreneurship, and facilitate international competitiveness.

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