Lubelskie Region is a public authority – key body in the regional innovation system, responsible i.a. for regional strategic planning, supporting local industry (including SMEs) and structural funds management. The overall mission of the Lubelskie Region is acting for the benefit of the region and its economic development.

The innovation policy of the Region is presented in the Regional Innovation Strategy for the Lubelskie Voivodeship 2020. The activities within the RIS LV 2020 focus on:

  • supporting the selective development model of the region based on creative innovation,
  • initiating the process of technological and non-technological transformation of endogenous development potential, leading to:
    • the increase of knowledge absorption capabilities and productivity of the economy,
    • the diversification of the economy structure and the increase of the participation of industries and services with high added value and high growth potential.

About Us

The Region’s considerable growth potential can be seen across industries identified in the Regional Innovation Strategy as smart specialisations, which include:

Bioeconomy. Dominant area, understood much broader than just an agriculture. Agricultural production, agricultural machinery production, production of high quality food as well as the use of agricultural raw materials in industry.
Medicine and health. Research in the field of medical, pharmaceutical and pro-health sciences as well as a large number of graduates of medical studies, predominantly at the Medical University.
Low-emission power generation. Bio-energy, clean fossil technologies, prosume energy, smart energy systems, renewable energy sources.
IT and automation. Mechatronics, smart buildings, photonics, control systems, industrial automation, mobile applications.
It is worth mentioning, that due to the long-lasting research of scientific teams in Lublin, as well as many activities taken in the field of photonics nowadays, Lubelskie is a region where photonics occupies a special place. Thanks to many years of experience, it is possible to constantly expand cooperation with new partners representing both scientific and research units as well as entrepreneurs. The development of photonic technologies has a direct impact on the development of all smart specialisations of the region. Regional authorities undertake various types of initiatives supporting development of photonics. One of the major examples is the Joint Venture implemented together with the National Centre for Research and Development named “Lublin Upland of Photonic Technologies”. This initiative offers support for industrial research and development in the field of photonic technologies.

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