Município de Guimarães

As the birthplace of nationality, Guimarães plays a central role in Portugal history. Guimarães nearly 160.000 inhabitants, spread over a 240.955 Km2. Guimarães is becoming a greener city and it was considered in 2017, the most sustainable city in Portugal combining economic development with greening policies. Guimarães is internationally recognized as an example of rehabilitation and preservation of its Historic Centre, distinguished in 2001 as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. In 2012, Guimarães had the opportunity to show the world its history and culture, after being selected as European Capital of Culture. Today, Guimarães is one of the most enterprising, innovative and industrial cities in Portugal. Guimarães aims at changing the way industry produces innovation by putting it on the path to Industry 4.0. With the objective of creating an incubator for the industry, Guimarães aims to create a business development center for new entrepreneurs and industries wishing to develop innovative ideas, to work at the intersection between innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting industrial growth based on the added value of innovative ideas, to support technological startups and the industry, to work in the transformation of ideas into products and in the development of products and the scale-up phases.

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    Ricardo Machado

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    Largo Cónego José Maria Gomes
    4804-534 Guimarães

Município de Guimarães

S3 Strategy

Guimarães has strong momentum for a digital & smart strategy. With a well defined digital vision and strategy in-place, city aims to organise and implement municipal policies in urban and public space, social and community intervention, education, environment, culture and sport, providing services to citizens. Guimarães created a set of digital initiatives, pointed towards transparency, simplicity and speed of access to the services provided by the municipality. This ecosystem values the proximity relationship with citizens, it has reinforced the added value brought by computer networks, which privilege the interactivity with people, granting them tools, to have remote access to the municipal services. Promoting channels of dialogue and communication between Guimarães inhabitants and the Municipal structure is thus a permanent goal in a society increasingly linked to information technologies. Guimarães innovation ecosystem key vectors rely on knowledge as the driver for development. Therefore, it is the municipality goal to improve the quality of life and urban environment, attractiveness, openness to innovation, fostering creativeness, quality of public services, security and safety of public realm, the intra-community dialogue as key success factors for the city. This can only be possible with an integrated approach supported by a solid strategy namely at the digital level.

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  • By Heidi Johansson

23 new Mission Cities awarded the Mission Label

During a dedicated session at the EU Research & Innovation Days, 23 new cities part of the EU Mission on 100 climate-neutral and smart cities were awarded the Mission Label for their plans to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. ERRIN is pleased to see that 15 cities are located in ERRIN member regions.