The University of Malaga (UMA) is a public institution, which promotes outstanding research and teaching within the European Higher Education Area. The institution follows and educational model to promote competitive, quality teaching, which is employment-oriented and accredited in Europe. With a university community of about 45.000 people, over the last decade UMA has sought to promote the internationalization of both teaching and research as well as the mobility of its teachers and students. Besides, UMA participates in the International Campus of Excellence (ICE) Andalucía TECH, which mission is attract, integrate and develop talent by creating an ecosystem of generation of knowledge and innovation, committed to society so that the excellence level of educational and research activities increases through a sustainable, open and universal Scientific-Technology model of Campus.

The Technology Park of Andalucia, that participates in the ICE Andalucía TECH too, is bound to the university through the highly qualified professionals, the constant flow of ideas and advanced technologies. Jointly, those two entities have begun a number of actions directed to ease the closeness, in areas such technology transfer, innovation or European projects.

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Besides the Technology Park of Andalucía (PTA), located in Málaga, is a high-quality location in which to set up SMEs and large businesses that are innovative, respectful of the environment and geared towards manufacturing, advanced services and R+D. It is located in exceptional natural surroundings and equipped with infrastructures and advanced services of the highest quality, in which an optimum balance between large multinationals, university institutions and small and innovative companies has been reached.

The economic impact made by the PTA on a provincial and regional level has been assessed in a study carried out by Deloitte, the international consulting firm, on the evaluation of the park. The study reveals that the PTA has an extremely strong presence in the Andalucian Science and Technology Network, proving it to be one of Andalucia's greatest assets in terms of technology transfer to the region, as well as a springboard for value creation in its surroundings. In this sense, the PTA’s contribution to Málaga province’s GDP is between 6.05% and 8.65%, whilst on an Andalucía-wide level it sits at around 1.21% and 1.71%.

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