West Finland European Office (WFEO) is the regional office of West Finland, representing the interests of Ostrobothnia, South Ostrobothnia, Satakunta and Central Finland in Brussels. We follow closely EU policies and provide information on EU funding programmes and co-operation opportunities for our stakeholders.

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S3 Strategy

Based on the smart specialisation strategies in West Finland, we focus on automation and robotics, energy, food and bioeconomy, cyber security, education and health. In automation and robotics the focus is, especially in the manufacturing industry. Cybersecurity provides solutions, including cyber security auditing and security, for various target groups; e.g. healthcare sector, banks, SMEs etc. Education is a crosscutting theme, where regions have excellence in all educational levels and there is a strong focus on lifelong learning. Energy includes smart grids, battery technologies and renewable energy. Bioeconomy strengths are in food production and in forestry, where regions provide novel solutions in products and processes. Circular economy is the core of bioeconomy. Health and wellbeing focus is on prevention, and enabling technological solutions.

Strategic R&I Projects

IRIS Smart Cities

The project is developed around three lighthouse cities who will work as collaborators and test-beds for four follower cities. Each city will draw upon a mix of partners to accelerate communities to adopt energy, mobility and ICT initiatives.


IHMEC project creates and exports joint indoor hygiene solution of Central Baltic area SME’s into the Saudi Arabian construction market using indoor hygiene (IH) as a competitive edge.


Working Group Leaders

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Latest Tweets

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  • By Francesca Pozzebon

RIPEET launches a Call for Innovative Energy Solutions in its Pilot Regions

In the frame of the H2020 funded project RIPEET ‘Responsible research and Innovation Policy Experimentations in Energy Transition’, the Pilot Regions: Outer Hebrides (UK), Ostrobothnia (FI) and Extremadura (ES) are launching a call for innovative energy solutions to best tackle the regions' specific challenges and contribute to sustainable energy transition.

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

ERRIN’s new project: RIPEET  

ERRIN has become a partner in a Horizon 2020 funded project RIPEET. Mobilising ERRIN’s Energy & Climate Change Working Group leaders, the RIPEET project will support Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) policy experimentations for energy transition in three European territories: Extremadura (ES), Highlands and Islands of Scotland (UK) and Ostrobothnia (FI). 

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

Smart Specialisation in Smart Region

First newsletter of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region project LARS - Learning Among Regions on Smart specialisation. It aims at strengthening the regional innovation systems by transnational learning. LARS  helps the public sector lead Smart specialisation processes in their regions and connects innovation networks across regions.

  • By Anonymous


In cooperation with Valtra Inc., the BioEconomy Business Accelerator BioPaavo and KasvuOpen are seeking solutions that can provide added value to the end customer from the data generated by the working machines, and hence contribute to the digitalization of sustainable food production and primary production, knowledge management, real-time data-based decision-making, adaptation to climate change and profitability in the food chain.

  • By Rodolphe Doité

Energy and Climate Change WG Meeting - People-centric Sustainable Buildings

On 30 September from 10:30-12:00, the Energy and Climate Change Working Group will host an on-site and online event on the topic of Sustainable Buildings.

  • By Maria Nyroos

Artificial Intelligence and Wellbeing seminar by Digital Economy research platform at the University of Vaasa

You are warmly welcome to participate in a seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Wellbeing organized by the Digital Economy research platform at the University of Vaasa.