About the project facilitation workshop

This session will focus on the Horizon 2020 Green Deal Area 6: Farm to Fork – Testing and demonstrating systemic innovations in support of the Farm to Fork Strategy and the six challenges in the call (outlined in the next section below). Particular attention will be paid to the regional and local research and innovation ecosystem and the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders. 

Following the call for project ideas based on the six challenges, ERRIN will identify which of the six challenges that are of most interest to the stakeholders and create virtual discussion tables around them. The aim is to initiate the proposal development around these ideas during the online workshop. The main criteria for the selection of the project ideas will be: i) most interest from stakeholders ii) the maturity of the project idea iii) potential availability of a coordinator for the proposal.

The discussion tables will be moderated by the project idea owner. ERRIN will facilitate the exchanges and where possible support the follow-up. If requested, ERRIN will consider becoming a partner in a consortium, if the project’s approach is of strategic importance for the network and/or one or more of its thematic Working Groups.

Following the call for project ideas, the shortlisted project ideas/concepts will be shared and a call for partners will be launched where participants will be invited to take part in the discussion tables.


Call for project ideas - deadline 2 September, 17.00 (Brussels time)

Call for project partners - deadline 13 September, 12.00 (Brussels time)

Online event with a session on the policy context followed by the project development workshop - 15 September

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact anna.tranberg@errin.eu and heidi.johansson@errin.eu

Woman looking at food at a supermarket

Scope of the call - the six challenges

A. Achieving climate neutral farms by reducing GHG emissions and by increasing farm-based carbon sequestration and storage (IA)

B. Achieving climate neutral food businesses by mitigating climate change, reducing energy use and increasing energy efficiency in processing, distribution, conservation and preparation of food (IA)

C. Reducing the dependence on hazardous pesticides; reducing the use and increasing the efficiency of fertilisers; reducing the losses of nutrients from fertilisers, towards zero pollution of water, soil and air (IA)

D. Reducing the dependence on the use of antimicrobials in animal production and in aquaculture (IA)

E. Reducing food losses and waste at every stage of the food chain including consumption, while also avoiding unsustainable packaging (IA)

F. Shifting to sustainable healthy diets, sourced from land, inland water and sea, and accessible to all EU citizens, including the most deprived and vulnerable groups (IA)


Call for project ideas - deadline 2 September, 17.00 (Brussels time)

Do you have a project idea related to one of the challenges outlined in the call? Do you and your organisation have the time and resources to lead a virtual discussion table with international partners around your project idea and potentially coordinate the proposal?

If yes, then please fill in the form below to take part in the project development workshop.