2021 kicks off with new R&I opportunities and the20th anniversary of ERRIN

2021 kicks off with new R&I opportunities and the 20th anniversary of ERRIN

The start of the New Year 2021 has been busy but let’s take a moment to take stock of 2020 and what we have accomplished together: active engagement in R&I Policy, a multitude of project facilitation and development activities and approval of five new strategic projects – just to name a few highlights which you can read about in our Year in Review 2020.

2021 marks a start of the new EU financial period that comes with new programmes, instruments and actions. Taking full advantage of those new opportunities for regions and regional innovation ecosystems is one of our key priorities this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that policy coordination and complementarities between government levels is more important than ever. Regional innovation ecosystems have taken a leading role in the recovery, which provides an opportunity for us and our members going forward. ERRIN will continue to actively engage in a green and sustainable recovery, seek to reinforce coordination between government levels and explore how Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS3) can be used as a tool to steer priorities in this process.

Horizon Europe remains at the core of our work and we will continue to shape elements of the new programme, such as the missions. In addition, the European Partnerships and the new European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE) action will be closely followed as we continue to advocate for a strong role for local and regional innovation ecosystems in research and innovation.

Even if we continue to organise all our meetings and activities online, we will do our best to reinforce the ERRIN community and keep nurturing a strong Brussels-based core group of active members. At the same time, we aim to open up new opportunities for a wide range of regional stakeholders and uplift the engagement of different actors within regional innovation ecosystems. And as the UK embarks on a new relationship with the European Union, ERRIN will support its British Members in building bridges with partners from across Europe.

Finally, ERRIN is turning 20 this year! As we prepare to mark this milestone moment for the network, we invite members, partners, and friends of ERRIN to share a celebration message with us. And stay tuned for the various activities that will follow throughout 2021 to celebrate our anniversary.  


Pirita Lindholm



Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash