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Call for input - preparation of the CoR Opinion the 'New Circular Economy Action Plan'

The European Committee of the Regions' ENVE Commission has launched an online stakeholders' consultation with the purpose of gathering input for its upcoming opinion on the new Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) which was published on the 11th of March 2020 by the European Commission (EC) as part of the European Green Deal.

This online consultation, which will provide the rapporteur Tjisse STELPSTRA (NL/ECR) and his expert Ingrid ZEEGERS with comments and suggestions, is open to representatives of local and regional authorities (LRAs) and their stakeholder associations. Experts, officials of EU institutions and think tanks are also invited to contribute.

To frame the discussions, the rapporteur is sharing with you his ENVE commission work document containing some general and other more specific questions structured around the following four aspects:

  1. The LRAs' role in delivering the circular economy
  2. Shift in economic system
  3. There is no waste, there are just resources
  4. Setting targets/framing legislation

​Given the Covid-19 crisis, the ENVE rapporteur draws attention to how dependent we are on resources, inside and outside Europe, and further enquires what lessons can we learn from this sanitary emergency that we'll need to take into account when moving towards a new, circular and fair society?

The rapporteur's working document is available in all languages here.  ​

The current ENVE opinions' working  calendar (depending on the evolution of the crisis situation) is the following: work document is scheduled for discussion in the ENVE  Commission meeting on the 8th of June; the draft opinion is foreseen for adoption at the ENVE meeting on 9th of September; final vote at the Plenary Session of 13-14 October 2020.

You are kindly invited to share with us your written contributions related to the CEAP by the 29th of May or simply reply to the questions raised by the rapporteur in his work document by sending them to mailys.kahn@cor.europa.eu and enve@cor.europa.eu  In addition, please note that the rapporteur and his team is also available for online meetings and chats upon request and when appropriate.

More information can be found here